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Have you missed any of our recent top articles? Here’s your chance to catch up with Proactive Advisor Magazine’s “Best of Volume 34.”

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Editors’ picks

A passion for empowering clients

Advisors Tara Nolan and Kris McKinney prioritize “helping clients achieve a sense of control over their current finances—and their financial future.”

Putting pullbacks in perspective

Investors should make a plan with their financial advisors that addresses market pullbacks and is informed by historical perspective, not emotion.

The pitfalls of DIY investing for your clients

Investor biases work against successful DIY investing. Turnkey investment management can help investors overcome emotional roadblocks to profits.

How advisors are addressing the FIRE movement

The financial independence, retire early (FIRE) movement has attracted many devotees. How are financial advisors helping guide clients seeking FIRE?

Putting the right team on the field

As in baseball, a well-balanced team is the key to portfolio construction. A blend of risk-managed strategies can seek risk-adjusted returns in different conditions.

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Top viewed

A historical look at rates, debt, and real liquidity

Tony Dwyer notes how similar the current volatility is to that in 1994 and 2018. He expects a summer equity rally that may face challenges in the fall.

Recession unlikely in 2022

First Trust says a recession may come but is probably two years away, corporate earnings could exceed expectations, and equities may rebound this year.

Trend-following strategies: Dealing with ‘whipsaws’

Whipsaws can be the cost of doing business for trend-following investors—especially if you want to avoid deep losses during severe bear markets.

Guiding clients on the path to financial security

Advisor Gary Duell says his firm’s process emphasizes lifetime income solutions, risk management, minimizing fees, retirement tax planning, and legacy planning.

Judge recession risks for yourself

One recession-forecasting methodology finds the economy has headed south when the year-over-year change in corporate bond yields and oil prices tops 100%.

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