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An ‘enlightened’ financial planning philosophy

Advisor Diana Avery employs what she calls an “enlightened” planning philosophy, explaining to clients that their money is “essentially a tool to help them achieve what is truly important in their lives.”​ Read more





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Investment principles focused on client needs

Louis D. Rivera is a financial consultant with SC Parker LLC, located in Williamsville, New York. Mr. Rivera has over 20 years of experience in the insurance and financial industries, addressing the specific goals of his clients.

Mr. Rivera says SC Parker is a well-established financial advisory firm “with a heritage of serving investment clients since 1925.” He says the firm adheres to the following fundamental principles as its advisors work with clients on the development of customized investment portfolios:

  • “Our goal is providing financial benefit at the highest level of quality, professionalism, and friendliness.”
  • “As an independent investment firm, we are not obligated to offer any particular company’s investments to our clients.
  • “We constantly research the markets, looking for the highest quality investments for each individual client.
  • “We tailor advice and investments to your goals and priorities—individual and uncomplicated financial planning that will help you succeed.
  • “Our emphasis is on the diversification of assets, a balanced approach to investing and managing risk to achieve sustainable returns over time.”
  • “Building a portfolio is an ongoing activity. It starts with a purpose and can go on for a lifetime.”