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Editors’ picks

Visualizing the benefits of risk management

Behavioral psychology research often talks about the power of “visualization.” In the case of behavioral finance, it is a way of reinforcing for clients the importance of discipline and risk management.

Why 2020 was a rare opportunity to judge an active manager’s performance

We often say that to judge an active manager’s performance, you need to evaluate it over at least an entire market cycle. That usually takes years, but 2020 represented a rare exception.

Guiding clients on the path to ‘true wealth’

Financial advisor Frank A. Leyes discusses how understanding his clients’ definition of “true wealth” provides valuable context in shaping their financial-planning process.

Striving for meaningful relationships and measurable impact

Benjamin Barbour, founder of Fountainhead Wealth Advisors, implements a financial-planning process that is “designed to organize, simplify, and optimize all the crucial pieces of a client’s financial life.”

50-person ‘marketing team’ supplements current client referrals

Learn how advisor Marc D’Elia uses his membership in one of the largest business networking organizations to maintain a consistent flow of client referrals.

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Top viewed

The inflation songbook: Play it again

The pandemic has not changed the secular disinflation fundamentals that have been around for decades. These are still in full force. Post-summer, expect to see the inflation chatter quiet down.

On the cusp of change: North American wealth management in 2030

McKinsey explores meaningful changes to the wealth-management industry over the next ten years, citing evolving customer segments, technological advances, and shifting competitive dynamics.

Why bonds of all durations are making it tough on investors

Bond investors are facing the worst combination of rate moves. Actively managed strategies with relatively low stock and bond correlations may present a viable alternative to bonds.

How advisors use financial education to inform, attract, and retain clients

There is a big difference between the availability of financial information and how that translates to behavior. What are some of the ways advisors employ an effective educational focus in their practices?

Yes, stocks are still cheap

First Trust says the Fed is highly accommodative, there are trillions of dollars on the sidelines, vaccinations continue, and the economy is expanding. They remain bullish on the equity market.

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