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Editors’ picks

A focus on planning and protecting in providing client solutions

David Wood, senior vice president at St. Pedro & Associates, offers clients a holistic planning process and customized solutions when they are faced with making important financial, business, and life decisions.

How are financial advisors ‘framing’ their practices?

Financial advisors need to be more relevant than ever in the lives of their clients. How advisors “frame” their practice is an important first step in creating a valued advisor-client relationship.

How did your clients behave? 2020’s meaningful investment lesson

2020 provided an analogy for an important lesson—the value of sticking to your plan. Clients are more willing to follow an investment plan if their portfolio incorporates actively risk-managed strategies.

ESG investing reflects highly personal client goals—advisors need to treat it that way

Success with ESG/SRI-focused clients will likely depend more on choice architecture, framing, and mental-accounting skills than on complex portfolio-construction techniques.

Key operating principles help differentiate an RIA firm

Richard F. Grant Jr., founder of RFG Capital Management, shares how clearly communicating key operating principles to prospects helps set his independent RIA firm apart.

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Top viewed

Credit outlook reinforces our investment game plan

Despite the move up in the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield, corporate credit indicators point to historic money availability. This supports our game plan of adding equity exposure on meaningful pullbacks.

Bonds are not carrying their weight. Looking for an alternative?

The 60%/40% mix worked historically, but bonds may no longer perform well. We believe an alternative can be found in 60% equities, 30% rising-dividend equities, and 10% bonds.

The predictive nature of cumulative volume breadth

One of the cumulative breadth indicators that we monitor is cumulative volume breadth (CVB). When CVB makes a new all-time high ahead of $SPX, $SPX should follow.

Why ‘personal benchmarks’ are important for your investment clients

When clients measure progress against personal benchmarks — not some media-inspired number — it helps them maintain realistic expectations for long-term growth within their investment plans.

NASDAQ volume reaches extreme point

We saw some wild numbers for NASDAQ share volume earlier this year, much bigger than anything in recent years. This pointed to the possibility of a speculative “blow-off” market top on the horizon.

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