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Here’s your chance to catch up with our best articles of the year. Get insights from several of the successful advisors we interviewed in 2022, as well as this year’s top editorial features on investment philosophy and strategy, risk management, market analysis, and practice management.

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Editors’ picks

Pathways to growth: Capital Group’s 2022 advisor benchmark study

Capital Group’s 2022 study finds the highest-growth advisory practices focus on client acquisition, value-added services, and business-management best practices.

How gold can help in creating a more optimal portfolio allocation

Investors concerned about capital preservation in times of risk—and optimized returns in favorable times—should consider gold as a portfolio element.

Social media—done right—can yield tangible business growth

Advisor Trevor Cochrane says social media takes time and effort, but it can yield tangible client and revenue growth.

The diversification dilemma: Tactical management and today’s evolving markets

Today’s investing environment makes achieving diversification across “risk” asset classes hard. Investors should consider tactical asset-allocation strategies.

Prepare for a continuing bear—and a new bull market

Having an offensive strategy in place for the next bull market is just as important as having a risk-management strategy to help mitigate bear market losses.

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Top viewed

NASDAQ/SPX relative strength is a powerful indicator

The NASDAQ/SPX relative-strength indicator has been effective over a long period. The equity market has performed much better when the NASDAQ leads the SPX.

Remembrances of the 1973–1974 bear market

Technical analyst Larry McMillan discusses the trend reversals of the 1973-1974 bear market, noting the similarities to the volatile market seen in 2022.

Referral road map: How to replicate your 10 best clients

Finding prospective clients is a common challenge for today’s advisor. Is your referral strategy as effective as it can be?

‘Believable’ misinformation is a danger to long-term retirement goals

Many investment “truths” are clearly myths. Advisors and their clients should not accept information seen as common knowledge if it is not entirely accurate.

Recession unlikely in 2022

First Trust says a recession may come but is probably two years away, corporate earnings could exceed expectations, and equities may rebound this year.

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