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Editors’ picks

The value of personal advice: Wealth management through the pandemic

PriceMetrix examines an unprecedented year for wealth management. 2020 served as a clear reminder of the value of advisor-to-client wealth-management advice.

Advisors and active management: Grounded in behavioral finance

Financial advisors are increasingly recognizing the importance of applied behavioral finance theory. Active investment management fits well with the underlying philosophy of this approach.

Specialists in wealth management and retirement planning

Advisors Parker and Chad Molitor discuss how wealth management and retirement planning have evolved and what that means for their clients’ financial plans.

Goals and values inform sophisticated client solutions

Financial advisor Emrich M. Stellar Jr. shares how the “Serve First” philosophy—rooted in knowledge, flexibility, and collaboration—applies to financial planning and client service.

Third-party investment management provides a competitive advantage

Financial advisor Joseph St. Pedro believes third-party investment management gives his firm a competitive advantage, especially in the area of risk management.

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Top viewed

Outlook positive, but markets are in a rotational no-man’s-land

Our fundamental thesis remains positive, but we believe the markets have been in a rotational no-man’s-land. We may see a rotation back to the areas that benefit from rising rates.

Watch out for September’s ‘weakest week’

September has a reputation for being the worst month of the year for the market. But most people don’t realize that September’s struggles can all basically be attributed to just one week.

Q2 earnings impress, but consumer activity shows signs of weakening

While S&P 500 earnings for Q2 2021 were in many ways the best in over a decade, some recent mixed data suggests a weakening in consumer sentiment and activity.

Think investor sentiment is an insignificant indicator? Think again.

Experts are now combining social media, data science, and behavioral research to give new meaning to the concept of investor sentiment. Some of the results may surprise you.

Rising dividends: A better alternative than bonds?

A 60/30/10 allocation, using a rising-dividend risk-management strategy for 30%, could help investors reach their investment objectives better than the traditional 60/40 allocation.

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