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Here’s your chance to catch up with our best articles of the year. Get insights from several of the successful advisors we interviewed in 2020, as well as this year’s top editorial features on investment philosophy and strategy, risk management, market analysis, and practice management.

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Editors’ picks

Goals and values inform sophisticated client solutions

Financial advisor Emrich M. Stellar Jr. shares how the “Serve First” philosophy—rooted in knowledge, flexibility, and collaboration—applies to financial planning and client service.

Are advisors missing the point about behavioral finance?

Behavioral finance is now part of the investing lexicon. But are financial advisors really using the discipline effectively in their client relationships and practices?

Why 2020 was a rare opportunity to judge an active manager’s performance

We often say that to judge an active manager’s performance, you need to evaluate it over at least an entire market cycle. That usually takes years, but 2020 represented a rare exception.

The value of personal advice: Wealth management through the pandemic

PriceMetrix examines an unprecedented year for wealth management. 2020 served as a clear reminder of the value of advisor-to-client wealth-management advice.

Will high taxes restrict economic growth?

History shows that tax collections that represent too high a portion of GDP restrict the economy. The magic number appears to be 18%, as going above that number often results in a recession.

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Top viewed

The ascendancy of active risk management?

In addition to the performance story of 2020, financial advisors cite many benefits of an investment approach incorporating dynamically risk-managed strategies.

6 traits of exceptional financial advisors

Keynote speaker and peer coach Frank Leyes invested a year interviewing successful advisors for his book “Shaping the Future: 6 Ways Exceptional Advisors Transform Financial Futures.”

Assets without fundamental value: How prepared are advisors?

Investors are discovering new vehicles such as cryptos, NFTs, and fractional shares in collectibles. Whether you embrace them or not, you need to provide sound guidance to clients.

10 best/worst market days: Does it matter?

Investing success is not about missing the best or worst days of the market; it’s about staying with a disciplined and risk-managed investment plan for the long run.

How advisors articulate the benefits of financial planning

Individuals and families guided through the financial-planning process see long-term wealth-building benefits, as well as an enhanced sense of financial security.

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