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Here’s your chance to catch up with our best articles of the year. Get insights from several of the successful advisors we interviewed in 2020, as well as this year’s top editorial features on investment philosophy and strategy, risk management, market analysis, and practice management.

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Editors’ picks

Market drivers in place heading into 2021

Investors can focus on the most powerful influence in the world going into 2021—a historically accommodative Fed and global central banks—that may help buffer bouts of market uncertainty.

Dynamic risk management is right for investor portfolios

Dynamic risk management is responsive, ever changing, and puts more defensive tools in a manager’s toolbox to combat the black swans lurking on the financial landscape.

10 destructive behaviors of ‘emotional investors’

Behavioral biases influence all investors, often at a significant cost. There are tools that advisors can use to identify and reduce the impact of biases—both for themselves and for their clients.

Teamwork in comprehensive wealth management

Though advisors Pamela Mayfield-Kizzee and Moses LaCour each have their own client base, they use a team approach that helps them offer stronger solutions and better serve client needs.

How everyday analogies can help clients understand risk management

Analogies present memorable images that help clients visualize market situations. See how financial advisors use analogies in communicating the need for consistent portfolio risk management.

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Top viewed

How financial advisors can make a great ‘first impression’

People can form first impressions quickly, and those impressions can last longer than one might expect. How can financial advisors tilt the odds in their favor?

Using behavioral finance to better guide clients

Financial advisors can benefit from using behavioral finance when working with clients—specifically when educating about risk and the importance of sticking to a long-term financial plan.

Gold prices lead interest rates

Gold shows an uptrend ahead for interest rates, especially in 2021. Rising interest rates mean falling bond prices, so bond investors will want to pay attention to that message.

Is the market’s lofty valuation justified in the middle of a pandemic?

Market fundamentals during a pandemic year hardly tell the entire story. Behavioral insights can provide valuable context for making more rational decisions about risk and opportunity.

Refocusing on key aspects of financial planning for 2020

A report by Spectrem Group reveals a gap between the financial-planning services that clients think should be included and those delivered by many financial advisors.

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