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Editors’ picks

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Defense first: Helping clients manage risk

Libertas Wealth Management’s Adam Koos believes that risk management and portfolio growth are highly compatible, and educates clients on his “defense first” philosophy.

6 misconceptions about alternative investments

Alternative strategies provide a valuable tool to help investors manage risk in their portfolios, but this growing investment category is often misunderstood.

The impact of aging on financial decisions

Empowering advisors, clients, and family members to minimize financial risks related to cognitive decline and the challenges facing an aging population.

Are we in a new global secular bull market?

Secular or cyclical—investors make money in both, so why care? In one case, fortunes will be built. In the other, buy-and-hold investors are treated to a roller-coaster ride.

Community involvement promotes business growth

Pursuing activities that “give back” improves an advisor’s visibility in the community, creates positive word-of-mouth, and ultimately contributes to business growth.

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Warren Buffett, IBM, and a lesson in selling stocks in your portfolio

While the shrinkage of Berkshire Hathaway’s stake in IBM seemed like big news, it is entirely consistent with the way Warren Buffett invests.

The battle for investment assets: The active versus passive debate

The Market Technicians Association’s 2017 Symposium addressed the issue of how active managers can outperform in an environment dominated by low-fee, passively managed portfolios.

Explaining the (mis)behavior of markets

Does fractal mathematics, founded in the theories of scientist and mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot, offer a better way to understand risk?

Helping retirement clients in their pursuit of lifetime income

LPL Financial’s Andrew Kern examines his clients’ financial futures, investigating how long they need to fund retirement, what income gaps might look like, and each client’s tolerance for risk.

Marketing realities for financial advisors

In a business where establishing trust is essential, it pays to avoid shortcuts when communicating an advisory firm’s services and active approach to investment management.


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Why don’t we stick to common-only advance-decline data?

Throughout the history of investors analyzing advance-decline (A-D) data, there have been criticisms of that very A-D data for including “the wrong sorts” of issues.

Engineering comprehensive planning solutions for clients

Lincoln Financial’s Michael Murphy takes a quantitative approach to client portfolio solutions designed to work across a variety of market conditions.

Life planning and financial guidance for clients of all ages

Transamerica’s Chad Mangum views his role as more of a life planner than a traditional financial planner, willing to help clients in any area of their lives that touches financial issues.

The prospecting power of financial education workshops

How one advisor uses financial education workshops to provide a beneficial service to his community while also generating qualified leads for his practice.

Helping clients in every aspect of their financial lives

LPL Financial’s Blanton Garnett seeks out strategies that help clients to achieve their goals while delivering on his firm’s imperatives of integrity, knowledge, service, and respect.

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