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Editors’ picks

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Why proactive money management makes sense for clients

When it comes to managing clients’ money, focus first on risk management, defending a portfolio from losses.

Should we be seeking perfection in our investment returns?

Clients’ long-term investment objectives should be directly related to the important goals in their lives—not the daily highs and lows of a stock index.

A simple way to trade IPOs: Buy them if they go up!

Will Rogers once said, “Buy stocks if they go up. If they don’t go up, don’t buy ‘em!” There is some truth to that when it comes to initial public offerings.

Embracing social media to expand networks

Having a strong online presence, using social media, and building connections to people are three ways advisor Karen DeRose expands her firm’s network.

3 ways to build your financial firm’s client base

Arnie Pechler Jr. uses three simple and effective methods to help find qualified new clients who fit well with his advisory practice.

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Top viewed

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Are index funds the next market ‘bubble’?

While bear markets are inevitable, will their impact be exacerbated by the growth of passive index funds—and the accompanying “madness of crowds”?

How do advisors explain the benefits of active management to clients?

Financial advisors favor third-party active management for many reasons: modern analytical strategies, risk mitigation, and responsiveness to current market conditions.

Key trends in wealth management: What distinguishes fast-growing advisors?

Findings from the PriceMetrix study “The State of Retail Wealth Management 2016” identify key trends and success factors for financial advisors.

Analyzing the cycles of the SPY ETF: value and volume

It is important to monitor the SPY chart across time frames for both value numbers and demand trends that are shown via volume indicators.

The Phillips curve is ‘not even wrong’

Inflation and unemployment usually move in opposite directions, according to the Phillips curve. What is often overlooked is the lead-lag relationship.


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Creating a road map for a more secure financial future

Questar Capital’s Bently Ford guides his retirement clients through a proactive planning process for a lifetime income stream.

When exchange-traded funds make sense for a portfolio

Choosing between exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds doesn’t need to be an either-or proposition in a well-constructed, diversified portfolio.

Leading clients on the path to financial independence

Rob Santoriello of Securities America says he works closely with clients to “understand their unique situation, their personality and behavior, and their desired outcomes.”

The coming transformation of technical analysis

Advances in technology, behavioral psychology, and artificial intelligence will lead the next transformation of the discipline of technical analysis.

A promise to empower clients in planning their financial future

Ameritas Investment’s Nicole Jones follows a client service philosophy that “empowers clients to keep the promises they have made to themselves, their families, and their community.”

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