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Have you missed any of our recent top articles? Here’s your chance to catch up with Proactive Advisor Magazine’s “Best of Volume 26.”

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Editors’ picks

How independent advisors define their role in serving clients

With more people likely to seek financial guidance in the face of an uncertain economy and volatile markets, the role of independent financial advisors has taken on increased importance.

Understanding gold’s performance under different market scenarios

Should an investment in gold be a key element of effectively risk-managed portfolios? Research suggests an optimal allocation at the 20% level, producing the highest risk-adjusted return.

Dedicated to a rigorous financial-planning process

Advisor David Turner says, “The most effective way to pursue success with any goal is to undertake a written planning process, implement the plan, and review regularly for progress.”

Dynamic risk management is right for investor portfolios

Dynamic risk management is responsive, ever changing, and puts more defensive tools in a manager’s toolbox to combat the black swans lurking on the financial landscape.

Expect significant post-recession market highs

The market already rallied sharply off the lows from earlier this year, but historical data from secular bull markets shows that more gains—potentially 30% or more—may be on the horizon.


Top viewed

Is the market’s lofty valuation justified in the middle of a pandemic?

Market fundamentals during a pandemic year hardly tell the entire story. Behavioral insights can provide valuable context for making more rational decisions about risk and opportunity.

Why changes to the Dow 30 matter to investors

Changes to the components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average can affect investors’ portfolios and offer a perspective on growing and declining areas of the overall economy.

Gold’s role in portfolios should not just be reactive

Many view gold as an opportunistic “trade.” Investors concerned about risk management, and optimized returns in favorable environments, should consider gold as a key portfolio element.

A mixed tactical picture for markets

The market typically goes sideways for some time following longer-duration breadth thrusts. Such consolidation periods usually take place early in a new bull market and resolve to the upside.

How advisors address the uncertainties of retirement-income planning

We look at how several financial advisors address the question: ‘How can retirees reconcile their practical need for capital appreciation with their strong desire for capital preservation?’

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