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Marshall Schield

Marshall Schield is the chief strategist for STIR Research LLC, a publisher of active allocation indexes and asset class/sector research for financial advisors and institutional investors. Mr. Schield has been an active strategist for four decades and his accomplishments have achieved national recognition from a variety of sources, including Barron’s and Lipper Analytical Services.

Q4 gains are bigger in secular bulls

Q4 is historically strong, typically the best quarter of the year. On average, Q4’s performance for the S&P 500 and the Dow Industrials is at least twice that of any other quarter. The NASDAQ Composite appears to march to a different drummer. Q4 is...

Is the secular bull market still alive?

Or will it become a fatality of COVID-19? The prognosis remains unclear, but we believe the bull market will return healthy and ready to run. The big risk is that the economy will fail to respond significantly to the massive fiscal and monetary...