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Proactive Advisor Magazine is proud to present insights from several of the successful advisors we interviewed in 2016, as well as this year’s top editorial features on active investment philosophy and strategy, market analysis, and practice management.

Please scroll down to view our Editors’ Picks, our Top Viewed articles, and pieces Trending On Social Media. Happy reading, and on behalf of our editorial team, we wish you an enjoyable holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

Editors’ picks

Chosen by our editors

Using financial education to attract and retain clients

Janice Hammond’s team hosts financial education events to attract new clients and to build relationships with current clients. Attendees find the information valuable, she says, and they also gain “a deeper understanding of the firm’s philosophy.”

Introducing active investment management to IT professionals

Kent Treat discusses how IT professionals appreciate an analytical approach and are receptive to the conceptual elements of active investment management, especially the rules-based, quantitative nature of managed strategies.

Helping clients ‘ride the wave’

When clients let a risk-managed portfolio strategy work over time, says Stephen Ambrosini, the magic and mathematics of compounding become evident.

The problem with pie charts

Relying on 30-year-old asset-allocation models makes little sense in today’s investment environment.

Mutt vs. purebred:
How should you invest?

Can lessons learned from our canine friends provide a better understanding of the characteristics of effective portfolio diversification?

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Top viewed

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10 reasons investors need active management in retirement

Without work income to offset portfolio losses, protecting portfolio value is essential for retirees. Traditional investment strategies often fail to do so.

5 top concerns faced by financial advisors in 2016

Financial advisors greeted 2016 in a relatively upbeat mood—what are they thinking about now?

Trusted principal advisor

Timothy Lay believes that showing patience, respect, confidence, and transparency is critical to guiding clients through the process of helping to improve their financial outcomes.

Life happens. Plan for it.

Karen DeRose works to translate a client’s wants, needs, and values into a plan that builds and preserves their wealth over their lifetime.

A more efficient (and profitable) frontier

Building an efficient frontier counts on our ability to credibly predict asset-class returns. Is this realistic?


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Trending on social media

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Why goals-based investing makes sense

Financial advisors and investment managers use 21st-century tools to help clients achieve “real” investment success.

A case for active tactical investing

Behavioral economics and fractal mathematics theory help explain why tactical investment strategies can be an important aspect of today’s sophisticated portfolio construction.

Evaluating active management is a multi-faceted exercise

When helping clients develop expectations for long-term investment performance, benchmarks should be a tool, not the ultimate gauge of evaluating success.

When ‘passive’ investing isn’t passive: Active aspects of the S&P 500

Index investing is not necessarily buy-and-hold investing. Components and weightings of the S&P 500 are constantly in motion in response to market and business cycles.

Analyzing market confirmation from the high-yield bond indicator

The Advance/Decline indicator for high-yield bonds, maintained by analyst Tom McClellan, provides valuable confirmation (or nonconfirmation) for the broad equities market.

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