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Parker Carroll • Huntsville, AL
Infinity Tax and Financial Planning • American Portfolios Financial Services Inc.

Our firm has a fairly unique business model, offering clients access to tax preparers, accountants, financial planners, investment managers, insurance agents, and estate-planning advisors. Most of our clients initially become involved with Infinity Tax and Financial Planning through our tax services. Our clients appreciate that they can get most, if not all, of their financial-planning needs met in one place.

We can offer tax preparation and planning; financial and retirement planning; investment management; estate planning; simple will preparation; life, home, and auto insurance; and accounting and bookkeeping for our business-owner clients. The real benefit to clients is that they do not have to coordinate the efforts of multiple unaffiliated professionals who each work independently. Our clients can receive guidance from various professionals who frequently communicate with each other, all under the umbrella of our firm’s coordination. This comprehensive approach and collaborative, team-oriented atmosphere lead many of our clients to refer us to their families, friends, and colleagues.

Everyone needs to have their taxes completed, and many people feel overwhelmed by the process. Most of our clients come to us because their taxes have become too complicated, they owed an unexpected amount, or they realize the benefit of tax advice that is more closely coordinated with overall financial guidance. We start by looking at the client’s tax return. This is like a blood test in a doctor’s office. You can tell a lot about a client by looking at their tax return. As we go through the end-of-year tax documents and ask the questions necessary to prepare an accurate return, we get a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative perspective on the client and their family. After tax season, we invite each client back for a midyear review, where we really dive into extensive tax and financial planning.

The most important thing is getting to know clients on a very deep level and to truly understand their unique circumstances and perspective on financial matters. That frequently extends into getting to know their family as well. We often have siblings, parents, or grandparents that will come in for their own consultations, which is a very rewarding experience for everyone involved. At the heart of our planning process is our dedication to four key objectives: helping clients protect, grow, use, and bestow their financial assets. We take these four strategic objectives very seriously and are passionate about helping clients plan for financial success in tax-advantaged ways.

Disclosure:​ Registered representatives offering securities through American Portfolios Financial Services Inc. Member: FINRA, SIPC. Investment advisory products/services are offered through American Portfolios Advisors Inc., an SEC registered investment advisor. Infinity Tax and Financial Planning is independent of American Portfolios Financial Services Inc. and American Portfolios Advisors Inc. This material is for informational purposes only. American Portfolios does not provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. Please consult your own tax, legal, or accounting professional before making any decisions. 

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