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Editors’ picks

Clients still need—and want—to build wealth after retirement

Many retirees are seeking a higher standard of living, while also living longer. Advisors need to meet those twin challenges with highly adaptive income- and growth-oriented investment strategies.

Inflation perceptions and the ‘money illusion’

Inflation is as much of a perceptual issue as an economic one. It’s just as important for advisors to understand how clients view inflation as it is to effectively manage its impact on their portfolios.

In the investment world, change is a constant

Financial advisors must always be prepared for change as they guide their clients. Portfolios designed with multiple risk-managed strategies can help—actively adapting to different market conditions.

Guiding clients in a ‘plan first, invest second’ philosophy

Advisor Shannon LaRosse advises clients to ‘plan first and invest second.’ She says a comprehensive planning process facilitates the development of a truly goals-based investment approach.

How advisors successfully grow with next-generation clients

It is critical to build relationships with younger individuals still in the accumulation phase. “Next-gen clients” will grow faster and likely use an advisor’s services for decades to come.

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Top viewed

Q4 GDP beats estimates at 6.9% annual rate

Real GDP grew 6.9% in Q4, beating the consensus for 5.5%. Real GDP was up 5.5% in 2021, the fastest growth since the Reagan boom in 1984. However, 2022 will likely slow to around 2.5% growth.

Volatility continues, but longer-term outlook is positive

Strategist Tony Dwyer sees continued volatility in the first half of the year, but intermediate and longer-term opportunity as Fed policy and the economic outlook become clear.

Social Security seminars help attract new clients

Financial advisor Shannon LaRosse discusses how educational seminars on timely Social Security topics serve as a valuable marketing tool for her firm, leading to complimentary initial consultations.

Why clients should follow their investment playbook

Football offers many principles that relate well to investment management. Including actively managed strategies in client portfolios may enhance the probability of being “on the winning team.”

A-D line for bond closed-end funds shows liquidity problems

Bond CEFs provide a meaningful message about the health of the liquidity stream that affects the entire stock market. Their recent A-D line bearish divergence with the S&P 500 should be noted.

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