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Editors’ picks

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How to take a financial punch

Do your clients’ plans have the dynamic risk-managed strategies and true diversification needed to take the financial punch that markets will inevitably deliver?

Why investment strategy diversification enhances active management

Supplementing asset-class diversification with strategy diversification increases the potential for portfolio risk management and can improve risk-adjusted returns.

Building an intergenerational wealth transfer strategy

The key to the intergenerational wealth transfer is establishing relationships with clients’ children as part of the normal course of doing business.

The ‘Super Bowl indicator’ (and more serious thoughts on investment strategy development)

For as long as there has been a stock market, analysts have been trying to find correlations between external factors and the performance of markets.

Advisors make the case for active investment management

Financial advisors favor third-party active investment management for a wide variety of reasons: access to modern analytical strategies, emphasis on risk mitigation, and the ability to be responsive to current market conditions and deliver high levels of client satisfaction over full market cycles.

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Should clients really want to beat the market?

What does it take to “beat the market”? Is it more important to deliver value to clients in terms of risk-adjusted returns?

The risks of bond ‘buy and hold’

Employing “true” diversification and a dynamic, actively managed portfolio approach may help advisors and their clients successfully navigate a lower-return market environment.

Stock market years ending in ‘7’

Stock market years ending in “7” have had some very interesting drama throughout the modern history of the equity markets.

Black swans & the ‘10 best days’ myth: Can investors prepare for market outliers?

How much effect do market outliers have on long-term performance? Can the investor prepare for these anomalies, or are they truly ‘black swans’ that cannot be managed?

Attracting client referrals through Dave Ramsey’s SmartVestor Pro program

When clients become effective stewards of their finances and achieve specific milestones, they become more likely to provide referrals.

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Educating clients about risk-managed retirement planning

LPL Financial’s Tedd Bradley sees his role as helping clients unravel a retirement equation that doesn’t always seem to be working in their favor.

Developing strategic funding plans for college education

Signature Resources Capital Management’s Michelle Mai helps families identify the significant opportunities that can be found via comprehensive college planning strategies.

Federal debt vs. Dow Jones—The race to ‘20**’

Is it just a numerical coincidence that the Dow Jones broke through the 20,000 level while the total federal debt is approaching $20 trillion?

The financial and investment impact of divorce

Why the role of financial risk management may become even more critical as divorced couples face emotional, lifestyle, and financial stress and change.

The ins and outs of event-driven ETFs

Event-driven investing strategies attempt to profit from inefficiencies related to various corporate events that are neither fundamental nor technical in nature.

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