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Jeffrey McAvaddy • Largo, FL
Infinity Tax and Financial Planning • American Portfolios Financial Services Inc.

Our business model is a little bit different from most in the industry. In the traditional way of doing business, a client might have a tax professional, investment advisor, insurance agent, and estate planner—all in different locations and with no experience working together. Most of the time, the advice that one professional gives can impact the advice of the other professionals, but seldom do these professionals ever talk with each other.

At our office, we have access to tax preparers, accountants, financial planners, investment managers, insurance agents, and estate-planning advisors. Our clients can receive guidance from various professionals who frequently communicate with each other, all under the umbrella of our firm’s coordination.

While preparing over five hundred tax returns annually, I have been able to build a substantial base of both financial and tax clientele in over 12 states. About 10 years ago, I took over management of our office in Largo, Florida, when our founder established a second office in Alabama. I take great pride in helping put our clients in an advantageous position regarding their tax situation and their overall financial, investment, and retirement planning.

The bulk of our new clients are developed either through referrals from current clients or by introducing tax clients to our planning and advisory services. Most come in through the tax appointment process. We introduce our full services to all new tax clients and let them know about our comprehensive product and service offerings. We then set up a midyear tax review, to make sure everything is on track for the current tax year. At this meeting, we will reinforce our business model and investigate whether the client has any financial-planning needs that they believe are not being met satisfactorily. Some clients may want to begin the financial-planning process right away. For others, it may take about two tax-planning seasons before they feel totally comfortable with our business model and start to consider employing our services beyond tax guidance.

  • Clients benefit from an advisory business model that provides comprehensive professional services under one umbrella.
  • Tax-preparation services provide a valuable introduction to a firm’s capabilities and can lead to clients choosing to enter into a full financial-planning relationship.

Disclosure: Securities offered through American Portfolios Financial Services Inc. (APFS), member: FINRA/SIPC. Investment advisory services offered through American Portfolios Advisors Inc. (APA), an SEC registered investment advisor. Infinity Tax and Financial Planning is not affiliated with APFS and APA. Neither APFS nor its representatives provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. Please consult your own tax, legal, or accounting professional.

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