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Mark Tevebaugh • Indian Harbor Beach, FL • Sonoma, CA
Tevebaugh & Associates • NEXT Financial Group

My practice focuses on helping clients align their passions and values with their investment philosophy.

I received a good deal of training in conducting seminars early in my career and have become very proficient at delivering a message that people find meaningful. As my practice evolved toward values investing, I started to make this the focus of my practice. I enjoy teaching clients and prospects about financial planning and values investing.

I have taught many seminars at local private colleges and churches on successful money management and stewardship. The idea is that people should be good stewards in every aspect of their lives, and taking care of money is no different. People need to put their money to good use, whether that use is providing for their family, paying for education and health care, planning for retirement, or giving to charitable causes. Stewardship is an important issue. This has remained a centerpiece of my practice.

We also help our clients screen out investments they don’t want in their portfolio and help ensure the companies they invest in are those they would be proud to own. We combine this broad approach with third-party money management. We have been able to find several managers who can provide both an active and risk-managed investment style with portfolios that are screened for socially responsible guidelines.

We are interested in avoiding companies that do not meet certain criteria, such as companies that are connected in some way to pornography, animal testing, human trafficking, or have improper relationships with enemies of the U.S.

We are also interested in working with companies that are proficient at what they do, are in leading-edge areas, and have strong corporate governance. Is the chief executive of the company making 2,000 times more than his employees, or do they have an equitable salary structure in place? Does the company take good care of their vendors, their wholesalers, and their employees? Does it rank highly as a good place to work? That is the type of company that is going to be profitable in good times and bad. Those are the kind of things we look for and that we want our outside managers to screen for.

This is a message that resonates with many people. The strong growth curve of values investing is a testament to how important a values-oriented approach is in today’s society.

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