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Mira Mizrahi, CFP • Whippany, NJ
Diversified Financial Consultants LLC • LPL Financial

When starting out in the advisory field, I became involved with several clients who had immigrated to the United States. Most of those were in the health-care field. My practice focus is on medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, technicians, administrative staff, and others in the field. Many clients have come to this country seeking a better future and career opportunities, and there is definitely an international flavor to my client base.

I have a personal understanding of what it takes to pick up roots and move yourself or your family away from your homeland to another country. My website includes written and video messages from me to prospective clients that capture the commitment and understanding I provide to my clients.

Here is my written message, which falls under the banner statement of my mission, “Committed to Your Success.”

Putting an accent on your future

Mira Mizrahi knows the joy of accomplishing a successful lifestyle and enjoying each day more. She also knows the importance of planning for what the new day holds. As a financial professional specializing in the needs of doctors and nurses in New York and New Jersey, she helps her clients with all their financial needs.

When you meet Mira, you’ll see firsthand that she will put an accent on your financial future!

The ‘Road to America’

She thrives on living right outside New York City—in New Jersey—amid the area’s diversity. Nothing thrills Mira more than learning about other cultures, trying all types of ethnic cuisine, and educating other members of the community, particularly the children, about her own culture. Born in Lebanon, Mira left the country at the age of 20 to make her way to the “American Dream.” She arrived in the United States to live with relatives in Brooklyn and to embark on her financial-services career in 1988.

Mira knows where you are coming from

Mira has never looked back. She’s grown her financial business from the grassroots level to a thriving career today, focusing on an international clientele of medical professionals and many others who have moved to the United States from abroad.

Her personal understanding of what it takes to pick up roots and move away from your homeland and family to another country puts Mira’s clients instantly at ease, leading to mutual relationships that span decades. When Mira says she has your best interests at heart, she means it.

Determined to put your money to work for you

Mira knows immigrants strive to establish themselves in the U.S.

It’s no surprise she is adamant about making sure your hard-earned dollars are invested for future growth and conservation. “I understand the struggles many of my clients have faced to build a career and life in America,” she says. “The last thing I want to see happen is that you don’t plan for the future until it’s too late.”

  • Posting a “welcome” message on your website that outlines your personal history and beliefs is an effective marketing tool.
  • The message can be reinforced through a personal video “introducing” an advisor to prospects.

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