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Robert A. Rebussini, CFS, LUTCF, CSA, CLTC, CRPC • Cranston, RI
Integrated Financial Partners • Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp.

A major component of our firm’s operating philosophy is collaboration with our clients’ other trusted advisors. These people are most often their CPA and attorney, but it could extend beyond that core. The idea of having the three key advisors—financial planner, CPA, and attorney—all working together to find prudent solutions for people takes a great deal of work, but is well worth it.

I directly ask clients, “When was the last time you had all of your advisors speaking to one another?” The answer is usually “never.” We want to make sure issues like having assets properly titled or utilizing tax-advantaged strategies are in sync with what each of the three advisors is doing. Otherwise it is like buying a sophisticated new car and not putting gas in it. It simply won’t run.

Through this process, we tend to meet a lot of people who are centers of influence, and that can result in a mutually rewarding relationship as we exchange referrals. Our firm also has closer ties to certain CPAs in our area who we work with on a regular basis. When you get a referral from a CPA, the prospective client pretty much knows you are qualified—because they know that you are trustworthy if their accountant is referring them. You can often hit the ground running when starting the planning process.
We make great efforts to live up to the trust our partners place in us through their referrals. Based on the feedback we receive, I believe we have been extremely successful at that. This begins with customer care and the welcoming and professional atmosphere in our office. We do everything we can to make prospective new clients walking in for the first time feel right at home. We continue building the relationship throughout the planning process, regular client review sessions, and a steady stream of communications throughout the year.

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