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Robert (Bob) E. Wayland • Robert (Rob) C. Wayland • Clearwater, FL
Wealth Advisory Group • Kestra Investment Services, LLC

Bob Wayland: I have been in the Clearwater area for more than 40 years and have always been an active member of the civic and charitable communities. This has helped me develop a wide network of contacts, including centers of influence such as attorneys and accountants. As a result, the small-business owner segment has become a cornerstone of our practice.

Small-business owners are pretty much an ideal target for several reasons: (1) they appreciate when value is given and received, (2) they are very busy with their own business and understand the wisdom of employing outside expertise for specific needs, and (3) they typically have a wide range of both business-related and personal financial needs, allowing us to build a strong working relationship that can encompass many areas of planning and implementation. Our advisors might work with them on anything from their company’s retirement plans to their personal legacy and tax-advantaged investment planning.

My personal focus on networking has enabled me to get the word out about our firm within the small-business community and among many legal and accounting professionals in our area. This has been an excellent source for referrals and the growth of our practice.

Rob Wayland: We also have a strong focus on retirement income planning for clients who may not be business owners and who come from a variety of backgrounds and income levels. One thing I have been focusing on is developing younger clients and seeking referrals from current clients where appropriate.

Too many people believe that they do not need to think about the services of a financial advisor until they are close to or in retirement. I try to educate people that nothing could be further from the truth. The longer we have to work with a client, the better we can help them establish the strong foundations for lifelong financial health. The issues of debt management, retirement, tax and legacy planning, risk management, and education funding are matters that should be addressed throughout one’s working career, not just at or near retirement time.
We think this holistic approach to financial and investment planning is a strong attribute for our practice and helps to differentiate our firm. Our current clients have been advocates for our approach and are generally more than happy to help us out by referring friends or associates they think might benefit from our services. We are very appreciative of their referrals to our firm.
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