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Grace Himmelright • Eastlake, OH
Transamerica Financial Advisors Inc.

We have a unique business model in which financial education serves as an integral part of our planning process and in attracting new client prospects. When you begin with teaching and the sharing of information, you have a distinct advantage in attracting people to your firm. In my 14 years in the business, I have seldom called or “prospected” people who were not expecting my call. I have been fortunate to always stay in the “warm” market through financial education, networking, and bringing value to people.

A starting point of this educational approach is a website we have developed. The site includes an introductory video on the importance of financial literacy and a five-question quiz on fundamental financial concepts. Gallup research shows that almost half of all Americans do not grasp basic financial literacy issues—the U.S. ranks 14th in the world in financial literacy. The website is designed to get people involved; they take the quiz, check their scores, and then see the rationale behind the correct answers to the questions. They will then hopefully seek out further financial education and information or set up a no-obligation meeting with our firm.

I believe that knowing how money works can positively impact just about every area of a person’s life. When you can change a person’s financial literacy, you can change that person’s life. That’s why I share this site with people I meet through my networking—to challenge them to see if they know the basics of financial education. If they learn more about money, they may live better, do more, and dream bigger.

One of the methods I use to get people interested in our educational concept is to hand out a pack of cards with the five financial questions. They can then go to the website to find the answers. We also have developed free educational videos on broad topics such as retirement planning or specific financial concepts such as how compound interest works. I frequently share these videos through email campaigns to clients and prospects.

This financial education approach carries over to our introductory meetings with prospects and throughout our planning process and long-term relationships with clients. We work hard to understand their needs and help them articulate their overall financial objectives in a meaningful way. We want them to understand how money works, and, specifically, how their money works. I believe they feel comfortable with the planning that we do together because they fully understand it and have more confidence than ever before about their financial future. We are able to obtain many new referrals from existing clients because they appreciate this focus on financial education and do not hesitate to share their experience with friends and family.

  • Help clients become more knowledgeable about “how their money works.”
  • Leverage your website as a teaching tool.
  • Share material via email marketing.

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