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Divam Mehta • Glen Allen, VA
Mehta Financial Group, LLC • INVEST Financial Corporation

I was born in India and was 5 years old when our family arrived in the United States. My parents both worked very hard to help me pursue educational opportunities. Because of their encouragement and support, I was able to attend a top-notch university. I later went through an MBA program at night, working a full-time job to help pay for that.

My practice focuses largely on families in similar circumstances—first- or second-generation Indian immigrants who are in the United States to seek educational and employment opportunities to build better lives for their families.

It is especially important for these clients to have a financial and investment plan that they can understand and execute. Many times, this group does not have a full grasp of U.S. tax regulations or how the investment landscape works. I want to provide appropriate financial education, a plan built to meet their needs, and guide them in tracking their progress over time.

v12-i07-advisor-mehta-1-350pxI am currently working with hundreds of clients and, in many cases, their families. Each client is different. One client might be a recently married 28-year-old technology professional on a fast career track and another might be an older small-business owner with college-age children. So, it is very important to customize both the financial plan and the investment approach to meet the client’s specific needs and objectives.

Financial education is a very important part of my practice. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet, or information that is slanted toward a particular point of view. I conduct a great deal of outreach in the Indian community through seminars that promote financial education and awareness. I also work on a pro bono basis with young people to help them plan for and fund their college education.

I work with the Indian community in a variety of other ways, from involvement with the local Hindu temple to actively working as a volunteer for community events. My overall philosophy is to help the community in any way that I can. As our community grows and prospers, that will be personally rewarding in and of itself and, also, ultimately help my practice to grow.

Disclosure: Divam Mehta is a registered representative of INVEST Financial Corporation, member FINRA/SIPC. INVEST and its affiliated insurance agencies offer securities, advisory services, and certain insurance products and are not affiliated with Mehta Financial Group, LLC.

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