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Our firm, Phi Beta Kapital, continues on a growth path. We currently have five offices in California and Texas. Most of our prospects come in through the personal networking of our associates and via referrals from current clients.

Richard Beidl, RFC® Irvine, CA Phi Beta Kapital InvestmentsWe find that offering quality educational seminars in local areas is a very productive addition to our marketing efforts. It’s also a way to give back to the residents of a community. With so many baby boomers in retirement or on the cusp of it, there is a profound need for financial education.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, I decided to conduct a rigorous search of third-party educational providers to find what I considered to be the best program out there. We are very happy with the provider of our source materials and add our own touches and insights along the way. The course has eight modules, with many topics under each broad heading:

  • Life planning for retirement
  • Retirement needs and expense management
  • Retirement roadblocks and most common mistakes
  • Retirement income sources
  • Retirement distribution strategies
  • Investment products and strategies
  • Risk management and asset protection
  • Estate-planning overview

Our seminars are held in the evenings, usually at community colleges. We run two sessions of about three hours each, and we charge a very nominal fee that helps offset our costs. The third-party company that developed the materials has been providing the course to colleges and universities for over 30 years, and the reviews we receive are generally excellent. Well over half of the individuals who attend our courses end up contacting us for further discussion, even though there is no overt sales component to the seminars.

Disclosure: Richard Beidl is an Investment Advisor Representative and president of Phi Beta Kapital Investments Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Mr Beidl holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Sloan School at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Financial Engineering. Securities transactions for Phi Beta Kapital Investments Inc. clients are placed through Folio Institutional, Flexible Plan Investments at Trust Company of America, Envestnet at TD Ameritrade, and Jefferson National.

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