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Doyle Brown, RLP • Reno, NV
Windrose Retirement Income Planners • SagePoint Financial

One of my great passions in life is music. I enjoy an eclectic mix of genres, everything from Sinatra, to gospel, to rock-and-roll, to alternative music, even some recent rap and hip-hop. I have always loved music and my first real jobs out of college were as an on-air radio disc jockey, working for both public and for-profit stations in Maine.

My practice has been located in Reno, Nevada, for many years, and some time ago I decided to see if I could combine my broadcasting background and music interests with prospecting for new clients. I started an advertising campaign on an adult alternative radio station here in Reno that paid for itself for years to come.

The cost of doing this was relatively inexpensive and I made sure the message was low-key in keeping with the style of the programming. Basically, I told a little bit about myself and my practice, which includes both traditional financial planning and advisory work and more extensive life planning. The ads also said, in effect, “I really like this kind of radio program and music,” offering some shared interest with the listeners. I included my local phone number and received more inquiries than you might imagine possible with such a simple thing.

I also believe it is important to give back to the community and I have been president of the local Optimist Club and held other officer positions within the organization. I am proud of the fact that one of their charities for children has raised over a million dollars in the years I have been working on it. This gives me a great deal of personal satisfaction and is also a meaningful way to network within the community.

The broadcasting story has come now come full circle. I am working with a new public radio station  and am one of the sponsors. I have been in discussions with them on an idea for a one-hour radio program that I would host which would have industry guests, a variety of different music types, and some focus on spirituality in popular music. I cannot wait to get back on the air.

Disclosure: Doyle Brown is an Investment Advisor Representative offering securities and advisory services through SagePoint Financial Inc., member FINRA, SIPC and a Registered Investment Advisor. Windrose Retirement Income Planners Inc. is independent of SagePoint Financial Inc.

Photography by Jeff Ross

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