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William Romeo • Coconut Creek, FL
FinestPlan LLC • Securities America lnc.

I founded FinestPlan LLC in 2002 with another advisor, who was my partner in the firm for about 10 years. Getting our practice headed in the right direction was truly a team effort.

We are located in southeast Florida, which has no shortage of financial advisors. But it also has a wealth of newly retired or potential retirees who might greatly benefit from the services of a professional and knowledgeable advisory firm.

Our initial challenge was to create a brand, establish a growing base of clients, and deliver the quality services and guidance that would distinguish our firm and generate future referrals.

The first decision was to come up with a name for our firm. My partner suggested FinestPlan. After giving it some careful thought, I came to see that it had several strong points. “FinestPlan” communicates a shortened form of “financial and estate planning,” which is where we would be placing our emphasis. It also carries a message of high quality, so I thought it was a good fit for us.

The second step was engaging two different types of firms. One was a coaching firm that we worked with for about a year, helping us to develop our brand, our website, and a brochure spelling out who we were and how we saw our mission and philosophy as a firm. They also helped us with our approach to client development and other best practices in running our business.

The second firm was a marketing communications firm. They helped us develop a professional digital presentation that introduced our firm and the areas in which we felt we could help provide sound guidance to clients. The firm also helped develop a marketing communications plan and supporting materials.

The presentation addressed several major question areas in a Q&A format, including the following:

  • What are the firm’s values and business philosophy?
  • What areas of financial services do we specialize in with clients?
  • What benefits can a comprehensive financial plan provide to people facing retirement?
  • What areas do people tend to overlook when it comes to retirement planning?
  • Where does estate planning fit into a comprehensive financial plan?
  • Why should someone insure the risk of long-term care?
  • What role does Social Security play in a retirement-income plan?
  • How can your advisor add value by being the quarterback of your financial team?

The marketing materials had several benefits for our firm:

  1. In developing the marketing materials, we were able to solidify several concepts and principles that effectively became the mission statement for the firm.
  2. The high-quality nature of the materials communicated “professionalism” to prospective clients.
  3. Prospective clients were able to get a personalized introduction to the firm’s founders, “meeting us” in a relatively easy fashion. This led to many in-person first consultations.
  • It is important for an advisory firm in a competitive geography to establish a brand presence.
  • Professional marketing materials can effectively communicate a firm’s mission and capabilities to prospective clients.

Disclosure: Securities offered through Securities America lnc. Member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services offered through BEAM Asset Management LLC, an SEC registered investment advisory firm. FinestPlan LLC and BEAM Asset Management LLC are separate entities from Securities America Inc. Securities America and its representatives do not provide legal advice; therefore, it is important to coordinate with your legal advisor.

Photography by Jennifer Jones

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