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Last updated: 2/10/2017

A timely summary of industrywide conferences, seminars, and other events that are particularly relevant to active investment management, best practices for fee-based advisors, and current trends in wealth management.




Conference Name Date(s) Location
IMCA 2017 Investment Consultants Conference 2/9-2/10 New York, NY
The 3rd Annual Responsible Investing Summit 3/9-3/10 San Francisco, CA
MTA Annual Symposium 4/6-4/7 New York, NY
Morningstar Investment Conference (MIC) 2017
Rated “Best Investment Management Conference” in 2017 by
4/26-4/28 Chicago, IL
IMCA 2017 Annual Conference Experience – ACE 4/30-5/3 San Diego, CA
NAAIM 2017 Uncommon Knowledge Conference 4/30-5/3 San Diego, CA
Envestnet 2017 Advisor Summit 5/3-5/5 Dallas, TX
2017 US SIF Conference 5/10-5/12 Chicago, IL
FPA NexGen Gathering 2017
Rated “Best Conference For Young Advisors” in 2017 by
6/23-6/25 Chicago, IL
RIIA Summer Conference 2017
Rated “Best Conference On Retirement Planning” in 2017 by
7/17-7/18 Salem, MA
IMCA Private Wealth Advisor 2017
Rated “Best Private Wealth Management Conference” in 2017 by
9/29-9/30 Chicago, IL
2017 FPA Annual Conference 10/2-10/4 Nashville, TN
The SRI Conference (formerly SRI In The Rockies)
Rated “Best Conference For SRI Investing” in 2017 by
11/1-11/3 San Diego, CA


Conference Name Date(s) Location
IMCA 2018 Investment Consultants Conference 5/6-5/9 Nashville, TN


Conference Name Date(s) Location
IMCA 2019  Investment Consultants Conference 5/5-5/8 Las Vegas, NV

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