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Clyde Cleveland • Fort Lauderdale, FL
Impact Wealth Group • IWG Investment Advisors LLC

Our primary goal is to help our clients identify misdirected assets and reallocate those assets in a plan that seeks growth and increases in after-tax retirement income. We have developed a strategy designed to provide as much of a tax-free income in retirement as possible. We call this our “Zero Tax Roadmap”—a plan using specialized tools and customized use of investment vehicles.

We find that in many cases a properly chosen fixed index annuity or life insurance retirement plan (LIRP), properly matched to the specific needs of the client, can help maximize retirement income while reducing the risk from exposure to market downturns. However, we have many tools and strategies that may be appropriate for any given client, including risk-managed investment strategies.

We recently joined David McKnight’s Power of Zero program and teach his six-hour workshops to pre-retirees on how to prepare for retirement. We educate people about the economy and markets, our country’s unfunded obligations, and the growing national debt. We want them to understand that all of the money that is in their tax-deferred bucket, such as 401(k)s and traditional IRAs, is at risk of being taxed at a higher rate in the future.

The Power of Zero program provides many benefits to our firm, and ultimately, our clients. The workshop program is ideally held at a university or other educational facility, and we invite people who are highly interested in their retirement planning. As self-qualified prospects willing to make a significant time commitment, these individuals and couples represent an ideal target segment.

The marketing and educational program includes the following:

  • Professionally designed eight-page, four-color mailers.
  • The Power of Zero flagship presentation, including audio, video, and script.
  • A two-volume set of workbooks for attendees.
  • Agendas and scripts for follow-up meetings with workshop attendees, including typical objections and responses.
  • Access to additional educational materials and consultative marketing services.

One of the most significant advantages of being part of the Power of Zero program is having access to its planning and case-management group for the work we do on behalf of our clients. They have terrific staff and are very proficient with the software used to analyze client cases. While there are no absolutes in the financial world, we are consistently able to demonstrate to clients the significant advantage of retirement-income planning the way we practice it.

  • Utilize the seminar presentation of the Power of Zero program to educate pre-retirees.
  • Identify financial strategies that are aligned with clients’ specific retirement needs.
  • Help clients reallocate misdirected assets, seeking to increase after-tax retirement income.

Disclosure: Clyde Cleveland is an investment advisor representative. Investment advisory services offered by IWG Investment Advisors LLC. Insurance services offered via an affiliated entity, Impact Wealth Group LLC. Clyde Cleveland, Impact Wealth Group, and IWG Investment Advisors LLC are not affiliated with Proactive Advisor Magazine. The opinions expressed in this article are presented for educational purposes only.

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