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Russell Luce • Oak Lawn, IL
Planning Legacies Financial Group • Foresters Equity Services, Inc.

In my advisory practice, I work with individuals from all sorts of backgrounds, income levels, and varying degrees of financial sophistication. No matter who I am working with, developing a bond of trust is very important.

My wife and I are parents of two special needs children. I have become very involved in the special needs community and in counseling parents, and often their children.

I have done a lot of speaking to special needs groups, addressing their specific financial-planning needs. I broadly talk about the three major components they need to be considering: the emotional challenges, the financial pressures, and the importance of sound legal advice for a variety of issues, such as custody and estate planning. Different insurance needs also are important for these families.

Committing time and professional resources to the special needs community is a passion of mine and allows me to give something back—to pay things forward. I can combine my professional expertise with a real service in helping people who face tremendous challenges.

Disclosure: Russell Luce is an investment advisor representative of and offers securities and advisory services through Foresters Equity Services, Inc., a registered investment advisor, member FINRA, SIPC. Planning Legacies Financial Group is located at 9233 Sproat Avenue, Oak Lawn, IL, 60453.

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