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Stephen Ambrosini, CLU, ChFC • Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA
20/20 Financial Advisers of Cardiff-by-the-Sea, LLC • Ameritas Investment Corp.

Fourteen years ago we formed 20/20 Financial Advisers with four offices, which were located in California, Florida, and Delaware. Today, we have 12 offices nationwide. We are especially proud of our new office space in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California.

I worked closely with my wife, Dee—a photographer, painter, and designer—in selecting our new space. I took the lead on working out what functional features we wanted to include in the space, and she led the design and decorating phases.

We had several goals in mind. First, we are both beach lovers. In fact, back in the 1970s, we went on a surfing trip for our honeymoon. So, being close to the ocean, having a great view, and creating an open-air feeling was very important to us in selecting the space.

v10-i03-Advisor-350px-4Second, we wanted an office environment that was unique and welcoming—somewhere our staff, clients, and partners would enjoy coming to.

Third, I am a great believer in staying on top of the latest technology trends, so I wanted to build the closest thing to a paperless office that we could. For many years I was like most advisors, hanging on to almost every piece of client-related paperwork. With today’s technologies, and the guidance of our compliance group, we were able to convert virtually all paperwork to cloud-based files with several forms of security and backup. Not only does it lead to a comfortable and uncluttered office environment, it also allows me to view and work on documents from anywhere. We have purchased high-end computers, scanners, and printers, and have access to servers for everything we need to do. We also have installed a VoIP phone system, which is a tremendous cost savings.

I think our new space presents a strategic advantage. It has been featured in the local press, and when I network in the community, I am proud to ask people to drop by any time for an informal chat. They usually come away very impressed and enjoy spending time with us.

I am also involved with our community’s affiliation with the national Main Street organization. Through this organization, we have been able to form some strategic alliances with other members of the business community. I believe our unique office space has heightened their initial interest in our firm, and it is an ideal environment for our meetings.

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Photography by Todd LeVeck

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