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One area that I particularly want to focus on in my practice is working with women business owners. Women business owners tend to be extremely hardworking and passionate about their businesses, and they are experts in their field. Since that can leave less time to explore solid financial-planning options on their own, I think I can add value for them in their planning for growth, protection for their business, and also their own financial-planning issues.

One reason I like working as a financial advisor is that I feel like it is a mission for me. I believe there’s not enough financial education in this country, and much of the information in the media is misguided. There are a lot of people calling themselves financial experts who really aren’t experts. This can be detrimental to people as they plan for their financial future.

When I can get into companies and meet with women business owners, I have a definite story to tell about comprehensive financial education. Our firm, Personal Economics Group, has a guiding principle that a client’s education and understanding of their current financial situation is vital to making prudent decisions concerning their future financial condition. We use a nonjudgmental and economics-based approach, taking a practical and hands-on look at the issues that clients present and then working closely with them to develop solutions they can readily implement.

I belong to two organizations that allow me to build a network of contacts among women and hopefully help them with their financial education. One is specifically directed toward women business owners. I am a former board member of the Dallas branch of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and am currently on the program committee. This organization has a positive impact on the women’s business community in our area and allows me to meet people who might be prospective clients.

I have also recently become a volunteer with the Dallas branch of WiNGS for Women and Families. I am a financial coach and educational facilitator for women and families with low-to-middle incomes who need financial guidance. I think I will derive a great deal of satisfaction in working with this part of our community and am happy to help in any way I can.

  1. Use a nonjudgmental, economics-based approach to understand clients’ financial issues.
  2. Join organizations that allow you to build a network of women business owners.
  3. Volunteer as a coach to provide financial education for women and families with low-to-middle incomes.

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