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Kevin O’Sullivan • Quincy, MA
Integrated Financial Partners • Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp.

I grew up in Boston and went to Catholic Memorial High School and Boston University. I was captain of the ice-hockey teams at both schools and ended up being drafted by the NHL. I played professional hockey for three years, including some time with the Montreal Canadiens’ organization. Hockey continues to be something I am passionate about, and I remain deeply involved. Teaching kids in youth hockey is a way for me to give back to the sport, and I love doing it.

Kevin O’Sullivan, Integrated Financial Partners, Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp.While my practice focuses primarily on pre-retirees and clients in retirement, I have clients of all ages and incomes. I have worked hard to build a somewhat different segment of my practice, which goes hand in hand with my love of hockey and experience in the sport. I have several professional NHL players as clients, and they face a pretty unique set of circumstances.

Everyone is familiar with the stories about former pro athletes who end up with nothing, and it breaks my heart every time I hear one. I get a great deal of satisfaction in helping professional players formulate financial plans that will serve them well—not just now, but throughout their lifetime.

I think the advantage I have is that, being a former player, I know what they go through. I know what it’s like to go to NHL camp, and I know what it’s like to ride a bus in the minor leagues. I’ve seen a lot of good things happen to players in their situation, and I’ve seen some bad things happen as well. Because I am an advisor who had some success in hockey, these players can relate to me and are more open to listening to our firm’s advice.

Players have short careers, and they have to make smart decisions about their money. That is where we can really help, starting with a financial plan that drills down on their unique needs and family situation. We can help them in so many areas, whether it is structuring disability plans or formulating a risk-managed approach for their investments that aims for asset growth and protection over their careers and beyond.

Disclosure: Kevin O’Sullivan is a registered representative of Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp., a broker/dealer (member SIPC) and registered investment advisor. Integrated Financial Partners Inc. is not an affiliate of Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp.

Photography by Greg Anthony

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