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Brent Mowinski, CFP • Owosso, MI
Mowinski Financial LLC • Voya Financial Advisors, Inc.

We are a full-service advisory firm focusing on financial planning, investment management, insurance services, and group benefits. We want to build relationships that start with holistic financial planning and work with clients to develop financial and insurance solutions tailored to their individual needs and long-term financial goals.

We focus on several client segments. The primary segment is individuals planning for or in retirement. Hopefully, these clients will enter a full working and planning relationship with our firm. However, we often start our conversations with these clients by helping them with their Medicare planning, and we have worked with hundreds of individuals on these plans. We also receive a significant amount of referral business from other advisors for Medicare planning, given our experience in this area. Overall, clients have appreciated the ways we can help them strategize for their health-care insurance needs over a long retirement period.

A second segment is in the health-care area. We are located near several medical facilities, and we work with primary care physicians, specialists, nurse practitioners, nurses, and others in the field. They are some of the more affluent people we work with, and they usually become full planning clients. If a physician owns a practice, we might also help with retirement, insurance, or benefits planning for their practice and the employees who work there.

We also have relationships with many veterinarians. About five years ago, I was approached by AVMA Life to be an insurance representative in Michigan. I work with many graduates of Michigan State’s veterinary program on life and disability coverages. Some become financial-planning clients.

A fourth client segment is small-business owners. I work with them on financial, benefits, retirement, and/or insurance needs for their company, and that often evolves into doing a financial plan covering their individual needs.

A final segment is the education field. I provide guidance to professors and other staff at universities and private colleges for their retirement plans, although that might also evolve into a full financial-planning relationship.

I have found that our work with multiple client segments, along with my involvement with several civic and community organizations, has led to building a large network of current clients, potential clients, or those able to refer prospective clients. This has led to year-over-year growth for the eight years since we founded the firm.

  • Holistic financial planning can help develop financial solutions tailored to clients’ individual needs.
  • Working with multiple client segments builds a diverse network of clients and prospective clients.
  • Involvement with civic and community organizations can also increase networking opportunities.

Disclosure: Investment advisor representative and registered representative of, and securities and investment advisory services offered through, Voya Financial Advisors, Inc. (member SIPC). Mowinski Financial LLC is not a subsidiary of nor controlled by Voya Financial Advisors. #36205025

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