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Active investment management’s weekly magazine for fee-based advisors

An up-close look at topics with current relevance to the field of active investment management. Investment fund managers, financial strategists, research analysts, financial advisors, and professional journalists examine topical active management issues, best practices for risk management within separately managed accounts, research findings, and new industry developments.

The (not so) indomitable investor

9 reasons most investors lack the discipline to succeed. Steven M. Sears, senior editor and columnist with Barron’s, took a hard look at investor behavior—both typical shortcomings and the unique qualities leading to positive results—in his 2012 book,...

Lessons from ‘the best investor in the world’

We counsel our clients not to worry about what other people are doing in the short term, even if one of them might be considered “the best investor in the world.” We would rather focus on our clients’ specific investment objectives—and the health of...

Putting pullbacks in perspective

Market pullbacks can be unnerving. That is why investors should make a plan with their financial advisors that addresses pullbacks and is informed by historical perspective, not emotion. Pullbacks and bouncebacks We can gain important perspective on...