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Tom McClellan

Tom McClellan is the editor of The McClellan Market Report newsletter and its companion, Daily Edition. He started that publication in 1995 with his father Sherman McClellan, the co-creator of the McClellan Oscillator, and Tom still has the privilege of working with his father. Tom is a 1982 graduate of West Point, and served 11 years as an Army helicopter pilot before moving to his current career. Tom was named by Timer Digest as the #1 Long-Term Stock Market Timer for both 2011 and 2012.

Coppock curve for DJIA reaching high level

Years ago, a technical analyst and money manager named E.S.C. (Sedge) Coppock created an indicator that has since come to be known as the “Coppock curve.” Coppock never called it that himself, instead calling it his Very Long Term (VLT) Momentum Index....

The Phillips curve is ‘not even wrong’

To paraphrase theoretical physicist Wolfgang Pauli, the whole idea behind the Phillips curve is “not even wrong.” Economist A.W.H. Phillips studied the relationship between inflation and unemployment in the United Kingdom and noticed that they were...