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Linda Ferentchak

Linda Ferentchak is the president of Financial Communications Associates Inc. Ms. Ferentchak has worked in financial industry communications since 1979 and has an extensive background in investment and money-management philosophies and strategies. She is a member of the Business Marketing Association and holds the APR accreditation from the Public Relations Society of America. Her work has received numerous awards, including the American Marketing Association’s Gold Peak award.

Active management: Don’t retire without it

For the millions of Americans with underfunded retirement accounts, active management may provide an essential safety net. What is a financial advisor to do when his clients are woefully underfunded for retirement based on traditional measures? When...

Retirees’ oncoming financial tsunami

It is different this time: The impact of demographics on sequence-of-returns issues. It isn’t a question of if the next bear market will occur, but when. But this one will be different. It has the potential to be a financial superstorm. Like all major...